10 Coffee Gifts for Mom That She'll Actually Love!

10 Coffee Gifts for Mom That She'll Actually Love!

Being a mom is a bit like juggling 27 bowling pins at once.


On a unicycle.

In other words, she’s got a lot going on!

Those few precious moments in the morning before the kids get up could be all the time a busy mom gets to herself all day. No wonder 2/3 of women drink coffee daily!

Here are 10 gift ideas for the coffee-loving mom in your life — whether that's your mom, your spouse, your sister, or just a friend who deserves a little extra love this year.

1. An Electric Pour-Over Kettle

Moms have tons to do, so they need their coffee brewing ASAP! 

An electric kettle will get the water for her morning coffee ritual up to temp much faster than the stovetop. Look for an option with temperature control so she can set it to heat the ideal temp for the French press or pour-over. (That's 195° to 200°F, or just under boiling.) 

Bonus: Kettles come in an array of colors and styles, so you can find one that compliments her kitchen decor. And it does more than coffee! This gift for moms can be useful for tea or hot chocolate, oatmeal, and more.

2. An Upgraded Coffee Grinder

Fresh is better, whether it's just-squeezed orange juice, tomatoes right off the vine, or coffee made from freshly ground beans. Once the beans have been ground, they start to lose their rich aroma and flavor. By grinding fresh each day, she'll get more flavor in each cup. It's another step in the ritual, but with a high-quality grinder, it can be a quick and pleasant one!

Look for a grinder with burrs that grind the beans into consistent sizes, instead of blades that chop the beans into uneven sizes. An uneven grind can result in over- or under-extraction of the beans and meh coffee. And moms deserve more than meh!

Coffee grinders can be either manual or electric, and some are even programmable! That means mom can wake up to freshly ground coffee and get right to brewing.

3. Simpli Press

Coffee should be delicious, quick, and convenient. A brewing method that combines all three and gets you gourmet coffee at home? Yes, please! Simpli Press is the perfect coffee gift for moms --  This better-than-French press coffee maker has a special two-part filter to keep coffee grounds out of your mug. When using medium-fine grounds, the brew time is just three minutes, so she can get to sipping right away!

Plus, mom can customize her brew however she likes it to make a cup as unique as she is. And the removable coffee basket makes clean-up super quick and easy. Let her spend more of her precious morning sipping and enjoying, instead of brewing and cleaning.

4. The Perfect Coffee Mug

Motherhood comes with different seasons that each have unique needs and challenges. What kind of mug is right for the special mom in your life?

For the new mom, maybe a ceramic mug with an inspirational quote or a picture of her new baby will help keep her going on those sleep-deprived mornings. 

For the soccer mom, a cute travel mug that she can take on the go while she's shuttling kids between activities may be useful. We're big fans of the KeepCup, which comes in both red or black to complement everything she’s totting around. 

And for the working mom, check out an insulated tumbler to keep her drink toasty warm during conference calls is the perfect gift. She’s a productivity powerhouse, and she deserves better than lukewarm coffee. #risenandgrind 

5. A Kitchen Scale

For a perfect brew every day, a kitchen scale could be just the tool. Different brew methods often suggest different coffee-to-water ratios, and some people like to play with more or less water to get their drink just how they like it. A scale is a great way to create that perfectly balanced cup of coffee day after day. 

Of course, Simpli Pressers can refer to the pre-measured lines on the carafe and coffee basket for their water and grind ratios. But we think coffee lovers should do whatever makes them happy. Using a scale will let mama figure out her own ideal ratio so she can have the perfect cup every morning.

6. Artisan or Specialty Coffee Beans

What better coffee gift for mom than… coffee? Treat your favorite mom to a bag of the finest coffee beans to get her out of her grocery store bean rut.

Specialty coffee is grown under the strictest, highest standards for the best quality. These beans are usually single-origin, which means they keep the characteristics of their home region or country. And specialty coffee is usually grown on small, independent farms. So buying this kind of bean supports small business, which we love to do whenever possible!

Artisan coffee doesn't have the same strict standards, but it's hand-crafted and made with care and love. You could get her a single bag of beans or a subscription for monthly deliveries to remind her to take care of herself all year long.

7. A Milk Frother

Some moms like to experiment with more than just their beans and grind size. Encourage her to express her inner barista with homemade cappuccinos or oat milk lattes. A milk frother will help her make light, fluffy foam to add to her coffee concoctions!

Warning: May result in friends stopping by for unexpected coffee visits. ;-)

8. An Airtight Storage Canister

Did you know that coffee should be stored at room temperature—not in the fridge—for maximum freshness? But it needs to be kept in an airtight container away from the sun to keep the flavor locked into the beans for as long as possible. 

If your favorite coffee-lover is storing her beans in the bag they came in, it's time for an upgrade! You can find lots of different designs for storage, from classic white to modern stainless steel to bright hues for a pop of color on the countertop. 

9. Take Her for a Coffee Date

Sometimes, a worn out mom just needs an hour of grown-up time, away from Paw Patrol and sticky fingers. Take her out for a hot drink at a local coffee shop—no kids allowed. You can sit outside and chat, or take your coffee to-go and enjoy a walk while you sip. 

You could also upgrade your date to a French-style coffee picnic! Pick up a café au lait for each of you, along with a pain au chocolat or a baguette and wheel of brie to snack on. Ooh la la! 

She'll go back home refreshed and caffeinated, ready to kiss boo-boos and mold little minds. 

10. Coffee-Flavored or Scented Treats

We all love the caffeine boost of coffee, but we also love the taste and smell! Give her more of that roasty toasty flavor with java-flavored goodies, like coffee ice cream, chocolate, tiramisu—even beer comes flavored with coffee.

For a coffee gift for mom that encourages her to love herself, try a coffee-scented bath bomb, candle, or face mask. The caffeine in coffee can actually reduce puffiness and brighten skin when applied topically, so she'll feel pampered and look rejuvenated.


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